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AdSpringer.comAdSpringer can be accurately defined as an open marketplace where anybody can offer ad space on his site, receive a payment through PayPal and retain it in its entirety. The site is certainly comprehensive, as advertisers have the chance to target sites both by PageRank and by Alexa Rating, whereas publishers are provided with full control over the actual position ads will be displayed in, not to mention being capable of setting down the prices that they deem as fair manually.


Besides, AdSpringer operates similarly to eBay in the sense that once they have bought and employed ad space from a publisher advertisers can rate them and comment on the whole experience. That definitely makes the process of weeding the many publishers on offer in pursuit of the most suitable one a less strenuous task.

In any case, the main page lists a series of “Best Buys” sites in which you can purchase ad space. Checking it out is definitely a good start towards comparing and contrasting the options you will have access to through the site. In Their Own Words

“Adspringer is an online ad marketplace for both advertisers and publishers. Publishers can sell their own advertising spots on their website for their own prices. Advertisers can find the best websites to advertise on. Become an independent distributor of your own ad space today!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who want absolute control over the way and the context in which their products are introduced to the world will find this naturally attractive.

Some Questions About

Will this really catch on? Are there enough people interested in this to make it sustainable?

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