– Speed Test Your ADSL Connection

ADSLSpeed.comEver wonder how fast your ADSL connection truly is? The site we are discussing right now offers a speed test service that will let you figure that out for free. The information that this test can come up with include upload and download speed, ping response (very suitable for online gaming), and the time for downloading a movie of 900 MB with an approximate length of 90 minutes.

Your IP address is also displayed when the test is conducted.

Once the speed test itself ends you can generate an embeddable code for publishing your speed test results in the forums or blogs you take part of and make everybody go green. Alternatively, you can opt to save a screenshot of the speed test results as an image file in your computer.

The team behind the project also has an open source attitude, and it offers a speed test widget for free so that other websites can enable speed testing for their visitors without redirecting them elsewhere.

All in all, a very nice and practical service. Follow the link which is provided below and find out how your computer fares, and whether or not upgrading your connection is the order of the day. In Their Own Words

“ADSLSPEED.COM lets your test your ADSL line download and upload speed by Kbit/sec.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who want to find if they are getting their money’s worth when it comes to their current ADSL connections can find that out via this tool.

Some Questions About

How long does the speed test take from start to finish?