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AdShouts.comBy now, many web users have become accustomed to the presence of ads and they simply don’t pay them any heed. And the monetization of social media and social networks via traditional online advertising did never yield results that could be deemed as good – not in relation to the number of people who are involved, at least.


AdShouts is a new advertising platform that addresses all these challenges through the creation of a marketplace that aims to equally benefit web users, advertisers, and owners of web properties.

In essence, AdShouts is a community of social web users in which members are paid for their involvement and engagement in social media ad campaigns that are specifically tailored to who they are, and what they like. Upon signing up, you are asked to select both your preferred brands and these topics that interest you. At the same time, you set down the degree of participation that you want to have. According to that, you are going to receive social media ads from advertisers, and you can choose whether to view these or not. You can likewise block advertisers who send you links that have nothing to do with you, and opt out of the program completely whenever you want.

The idea, then, is to create a true network where ads are served based on absolute relevancy, as set down by the users. And further income can be generated by referring other users, too. In Their Own Words

“ is a community of social web users in which members get paid to particpate in social media ad campaigns relevant to their interests and characteristics. also pays its members to tell their friends about the community. When your friends and referrals make money, you make money.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

We are yet to see a definitive way in which social media could be monetized, and this is a step in an interesting direction.

Some Questions About

Will people actively go for this? Won’t the ads become too intrusive?

Author : Roger Hollings

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