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Adserver.FatTail.comFatTail is a company that specializes in process management solutions for direct response advertising. The software solutions on offer give all the concerned parties in the advertising process the wherewithal to sell and buy online advertising in a more effective way.

These are described at the corporate website, which can be reached at The solution named “AdBook” caters for publishers, and it is a tool that makes it easy to manage the different aspects at play such as workflow and inventory along with billing.

For its part, advertisers and agencies alike are taken into account by the featured Results Management System (RMS). This data aggregation tool delivers historic analysis alongside media and creative optimization, and as such it can help such professionals when it comes to improving future campaigns.

The final product on offer goes by the name of Creative Library, and it is aimed at agencies and publishers. This particular tool can be used in conjunction with the abovementioned solutions, and it basically maximizes the design and creative processes. In Their Own Words

“FatTail was born from a simple observation that a book of advertising assets is similar to a book of financial assets and that many of the methods pioneered by the financial industry to reduce operational risk and optimize performance would be of great benefit to the online advertising community. Since its inception in 2001, FatTail has become a leading provider of integrated workflow, inventory management and revenue enhancement solutions for the digital media industry.”

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