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AdOut.orgPutting ads on a website is a touchy issue, in the same way that the “commercialization” of a band or writer always makes acrimony arise among loyal followers who exclaim “What have you done to us?!”. On the one hand, you can talk about betrayal, abandonment of ideals and who knows what else.


On the other hand, people love having everything for free and if you charge them a single cent they react as if the Third World War had been declared. The thin line that separates a service from being free to being paid is almost imperceptible. To most people, ads are either not there or they are the most invasive thing in the galaxy. And people who complain at the slightest ad will be able to realize how browseable a site can truly be without the offender(s) by giving this tool a try.

In general terms, it is a tool that lets you see a site without the ads. You simply cut and paste the address into the provided box and a version of the website sans ads will be generated. In that way, those who complain at everything will be able to figure out how wrong (or right) they are about this or that site drowning in a sea of advertisement. In Their Own Words

“A free service that removes ads from websites.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who just can’t keep quiet about the amount of ads that this or that site displays will be able to put everything in perspective through something like this.

Some Questions About

Has this got any practical use at all?

Author : Roger Hollings

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