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Adoption-Agency.usLetting people find an adoption agency by city, state, area code, or zip code, offers a nationwide listing of adoption agencies in the United States. Adoption has been practiced in one form or another in many countries around the world since Ancient Rome, India, and China and perhaps even earlier. In Ancient Rome, adoption was generally about economic and political gains for the adopter by ensuring a male heir to their estate or by strengthening ties between families. In Ancient India, adoption often took place in order to help make sure that the adopter’s funeral rites could be performed by a son. In Ancient China, adoptions also took place to ensure that there would be a male son to perform ancestor worship for the family. Of course in ancient times, adoptions were not handled by adoption-agencies and were generally not known about by persons outside the immediate families involved.


Adoptions continued throughout the middle ages, although Germanic, Slavic, and Celtic culture denounced the practice. These cultures decided that the bloodlines were more important and ruling dynasties without a natural-born heir apparent were replaced. The process of adoption was eventually changes in the United States for the purpose of creating a family rather than leaving a specifically male heir. Initially, programs such as the Orphan Train, (which took place between 1854 and 1929), created situations of indentured servitude rather than a family unit.

The need for Adoption-Agencies was clear and with the adoption law of 1917 in Minnesota, things eventually began to change. The American model for adoption and adoption law has since become global in its scope and use, although the United States still remains the leader in adoptions, with approximately 130,000 adoptions each year. helps connect families who would like to adopt with adoption agencies.

Author : Caroline Bright

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