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adoptapet.comThis comprehensive listing of animal shelters aims to provide a net of services for those looking into adopting a pet and thus save them from death and loneliness; it also works for good hearted non-profit pet shelters, raising funds and donations in order to provide each pet with a loving and caring family. This easy-to-get-through site is bound not only to touch your heart, but also give you smart and useful information, providing directories which you can browse directly, from a map, or typing in your search criteria. Plus it has insightful information on what to do if, for instance, you beloved pet gets lost, forwarding you to online databases of lost animals.


What is more, and since this is a page with an ethical/political agenda (its motto reads “Don’t breed or buy while shelter animals die!”), it can get the user in touch with other similar organizations at which one can become actively engaged and volunteer too. In Their Own Words

“Adopt a Pet’s Objectives:

To help match up displaced animals with loving homes

To help pet owners locate a local rescue or shelter in the event a pet has to be given up

Be the authoritative directory for animal shelters on the Internet and thus a resource for those looking for a 4-legged addition to their family

Provide information and guidance to those seeking to adopt animals, or whom have already adopted animals

Be an important resource to shelter and animal welfare groups

Be a resource for people looking to make a contribution (be that time, money, or love) to help animals

Educate pet guardians to reduce the number of unplanned animal births by sterilizing their pets . For every person in the United States there are 7 pets who need homes

Who we are: is run by a group of volunteers, in our spare time. We collect no fees from any of the groups we list, nor do we have any affiliation with any of the groups we list. We do generate ad revenues from the ads and some affiliate links placed on our website; and we donate a portion of these revenues every month to animal shelters and rescues via volunteers working on behalf of those organizations who research and submit additional organizations to our directory. Since we began the volunteer entry program in 2006, we have donated over $9,000 to animal shelters and rescues”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The tight system of alliances and cooperative working-method of the people at deem their site very useful and interconnected with other organizations that share their goals, and thus can reach a highly specific target that can be otherwise hard to define and locate.

Some Questions About

Unfortunately, they do not feature any information on the possible costs of maintaining a pet, which is an important aspect of the decision on whether or not to adopt, nor do they present any comparative insight on what are the best dogs to live with children or seniors, for instance.

Author : Steve Dixon

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