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Adolize.comWebmasters and budding bloggers who have difficulty finding sponsors will put this site to excellent use. In essence, it is a platform for selling banner space for cheap, reasonable prices that they are actually setting down themselves.


This means that they can come up with a price that is lower to what they would be entitled to really ask in a clear bid to lure sponsors in.

The site itself has three main categories, namely “Blogs”, “Domains” and “Template Sponsorships”. There is also a message board for communicating with others who are in a similar position and discussing how much it is reasonable to charge for ad space in a blog or site.

Adolize, then, offers both webmasters and bloggers a platform in which they can auction their webspace. As I said at the beginning, a resource like this one is mainly going to be of use to the ones who are just getting started and have problem being noticed. Those who have been around for some time already will probably have a marginally-respectable PR and all the visibility that goes with that. But those who don’t will be thankful for having the chance to start taking their sites and blogs into a different level. In Their Own Words

“Find a sponsor for your website or blog.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a platform will let any up-and-coming blogger or webmaster start building connections and sponsorships in a direct way.

Some Questions About

What are the fees that apply?

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