– Monetize Your Photographs

Adography.comIs using a camera something you truly excel at? Do you want to make the jump from amateur to pro, and are weighing up your available options? If you do, and you think that you have some pictures that would make a superb advertisement, then this site will let you set off on the path of monetization.

That is, this portal will empower you to submit your photographs as “perfect advertisements” for companies and brands, and name your price for them.

If the company spots the pictures and likes them, the platform makes for selling the photos on the spot.

On the other hand, if you are an advertiser who needs any photos to publicize your company or brand, the site will enable you to post a want-ad describing what you envision, and see what comes up. When a photo that suits your needs is posted, it can be easily bought trough the site.

On the whole, the site adheres to its tagline of “Where photos become advertisements” by providing users with a platform where both sides are catered for, and bonds can be created and nurtured. As such, it is worth bookmarking and keeping in mind by amateur and seasoned photographers alike. In Their Own Words

“Where photos become advertisements.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are many amateur photographers out there. They are certainly going to maximize such a platform, whereas advertisers can find emerging talent easily through it.

Some Questions About

Are there fees that must be paid for using this service?