search cancel – Starting the Nano Blogging Revolution is about as simple as you can get.


This online tool is a way to let users’ buddies and just about anyone in their world know what they’re up to at that moment. Posts must be one word long, unlike with other sites. Users can write as many characters as they wish, but they cannot use spaces. The update post must be one long, or short and simple, word. The site refers to this method as “nano-blogging.” To use this tool, users must first sign up. It is simple to register, and takes only a few seconds. The users then receive a unique URL that can be administered to update everyone one their current status.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Adocu is another entertaining web app. Whether numerous people will begin to use this tool and grow the network is questionable. However, for those who do adopt it, it is fun and simple.

Some Questions About

How may Adocu be linked with other web networks? How can users spread the word of Adocu to other potential friends? What additional information can be added to the site to further explain the functions of the tool?


Author : Bill Webb

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