ADM Labs: Leading the CBD Revolution

It’s about time one of the Earth’s great natural gifts got the treatment it deserves.


Hemp has been grown for centuries throughout the globe, lauded in earlier times for its wide variety of commercial and industrial uses.  But back in 1937, it was made illegal due to the presence of cannabidiol (CBD) in its flower – keeping hundreds of millions of people not just from the plant, but CBD’s life-improving benefits as well.


Despite this, testing of CBD and other cannabinoids by scientists and doctors around the world has continued – and we now understand even more about its incredible ability to keep the body in balance.  Pain, sleep, appetite, mood, and even reproduction are just a handful of the many areas that CBD is proven to help manage and improve.


Now, with federal re-legalization coming last year, it’s take to take advantage of everything hemp and CBD have to offer without restraint.  The team at ADM Labs is leading the way as one of the fastest growing and most innovative wholesale producers in the CBD segment – utilizing state-of-the-art technologies that produce the highest quality products at affordable prices.

ADM Labs is a vertically integrated manufacturer, processor, and distributor of cannabinoid products.  From their impressive Denver facility, the company is specifically focused on CBD extraction – in addition to the wholesale of industrial hemp offerings.


Through strategic partnerships with OEMs and farms, ADM has secured next-generation extraction equipment as well as biomass for their genetics R&D. research and development.  They also leverage joint ventures with smaller production facilities to achieve scalability and meet growing production requirements.


This supply chain efficiency allows them to sell to wholesalers and other manufacturers at every stage of the extraction process – providing the full range of CBD products that hemp derivative producers & retailers need.  White label solutions are also provided to top brands worldwide.


Here’s a glimpse at the various products ADM sells:


  • Hemp biomass (obtained before extraction)
  • Crude hemp oil (obtained during extraction)
  • CBD distillate cannabinoid extract (obtained during distillation)
  • CBD isolate powder (obtained after removing all olis, waxes, and other plant matter)
  • Custom formulations to the customer’s specifications

Launched in 2018 by Founder Arman Motiwalla, ADM now boasts an expansive team of executives, managers, and directors hailing from diverse backgrounds.  The company is a subsidiary of ADM Group, a global business group with products and services spanning more than 100 countries.


ADM Labs now supplies 110 companies with premium quality, white-label hemp-based CBD products at competitive rates.  Going forward, they hope to continue growing their already versatile product line while expanding their efforts geographically.


For more information on how ADM Labs is thriving in this new hemp economy, pay them a visit online at  The Founder can also be reached directly at [email protected].


Photos: ADM Labs