– Adler School of Professional Psychology

Adler.eduEstablished in 1952, the Adler School of Professional Psychology in located in Vancouver, British Columbia; Chicago, Illinois; and online at Adler offers several masters degree programs and a doctorate in clinical psychology. The Doctorate in Clinical Psychology offers two tracks: Military Clinical Psychology or Child and Adolescent Psychology. According to, the Chicago campus also plans to launch a Master of Arts in Criminology program in the fall of 2012. This program will be Adler’s first entirely online program. New at the Vancouver campus is a Master of Arts in Community Psychology (MACP) to help prepare government and community leaders.

The Adler School is a full member of the National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology (NCSPP). Currently Adler has 100 Academic staff and between 700 and 800 students. All students of the Adler School of Professional Psychology receive training the Alfred Adler’s Individual Psychology.

Alfred Adler founded the school of individual psychology. He was born in Austria-Hungary, near Vienna in1870. He was a psychotherapist and medical doctor and he was a member of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society. states that the school is interested in “Furthering the pioneering work of Alfred Adler” because his “vision remains relevant today.”

For people interested in working at Adler, offers an employment page. The page lists current staff and faculty openings, the location, the date the position was posted, and the job title. Visitors to the site may then view the details of each opening. Each opening lists the qualifications, responsibilities, and application process for job seekers. also provides information about the benefits of working for the Adler School of Professional Psychology.