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Adhysteria.comFree online classifieds and advertisements with Video and Google maps. With a unique search engine to get the user the best results for their queries.


Users can post video footage of their classifieds and ads along with images and audio. Users can view their classifieds and ads on Maps in 2d and 3d with technology via Google Earth. Individual account sections will provide all data like number of visits and enquiries for your ads, modification of ads, deletion of ads and automatic emails sent for enquiries to your ads. In Their Own Words

“We try to keep things simple and fun. We want people to enjoy their daily activities and we think is a way of doing that. The Internet has done wonders to help bring ideas and people together from all over the world. But what about helping create a deeper sense of community right here, in our own city, within our own neighborhood? We’d like to help foster the feeling where we all come together and help each other out.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has an option to upload video for post description. It can show location via Google maps. It has a very strong and unique search engine.

Some Questions About

What is the limit of the free space they offer?

Author : Bill Webb

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