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AdHack.comAdHack is a do-it-yourself advertising site. It goes against the traditional methods of telling consumers what to buy and what they need by turning over the information providing to the consumers themselves.

With this site, users tell each other what to buy, what not to buy, and why. Instead of selling a product, users come together through AdHack to share stories, hence allowing consumers to use their own intelligence when making shopping decisions. Anyone can create an ad through this platform. Ads can be presented and tweaked however the user wishes. This site is still developing and growing. An emailing list is the prime way for users to spread about the site and hear about updates. In Their Own Words

“AdHack is all about real people telling real stories about their real experiences. No focus groups, no research, no target audience, just the real deal. It’s advertising, hacked. Advertising by the people, for the people. Do-it-yourself advertising. Anyone can see it, anyone can make it. From huge international products like iPods, Hondas and Carnival Cruises to the cobbler around the corner, the butcher up the street or the boutique downtown, find out what people are saying. What people really feel. What they love and what they hate. Hack Advertising. Do it yourself.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

AdHack is one of the purest forms of advertising on the web, as it’s about spreading the word about products by people speaking to people. The information on this site reflects real people’s points of view, thus gives other people true information on whether or not to buy a product. However, this site is still in the development stages. The site itself is not yet complete, as only the alpha page is open for viewing, and there are still some mistakes, like misspellings.

Some Questions About

How can the site be edited so that mistakes are eliminated? How can the website begin to be fully developed? In what ways can the opinions shared on the site be ensured to be honest?

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