– A License to Advertise

AdGent007.comAdverts rule the web. They pay the bloggers, who in turn provide hot content, which captures our attention and keeps us glued to the screen.

AdGent 007 is an ad monetizing company which wants to keep everyone happy– you, me, the ad networks and everyone in between. The upshot: many sites have global audiences, so for example, you have a site based in the states which may get loads of traffic from say, France; the ads on that site are usually only geared for the domestic audience, which means it’s missing out on a very opportune market. AdGent aims to connect advertisers with premium audiences around the world. They work with media buyers to leverage high quality publishers, linking them with relevant advertising. Your site thus averages more revenue from internationally applied marketing. Adgent 007 gives you the world. In Their Own Words

“Like many consumers in recent times, our Founder found himself gathering more and more of his daily news and information from the Web. In reading the news he visited multiple sites from across the world – usually whichever site happened to appear on the first search results page.

However, as he read the news on these international websites, he noticed the advertisements had absolutely no relevance to him or his location. The ads he saw were aimed at domestic audiences in the market of the website.

It seemed that an opportunity to talk to a valuable audience was being missed by both publishers and advertisers.

Thus, AdGent 007 was founded on the simple and exciting proposition that it could help advertisers find the right audience and help publishers get a far better ROI on their international ad inventory.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

While AdGent may be old school, it has a keen sensibility. The world via the internet is open and fluid. Audiences aren’t localized, they’re global and it only makes perfect sense to target adverts on an international basis. This means both advertisers and publishers get a better deal.

Some Questions About

How does AdGent analyze and select advertisers and websites? What is their percentage cut?