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Addroid.comA site that is in beta (but which can already be openly joined and used), Addroid has the goal of making the creation of video ads easy and manageable for just everybody.


Specifically, this new platform is aimed at the creation and deployment of in-banner video ads. Using the provided technology, these can be built up and placed not only faster than by other traditional means, but also in a way that is far, far cheaper.

On, users can come up with video ads using a web-based authoring solution that simplifies everything to no end. No user of Addroid is required to be conversant in complex programming languages. Most importantly, people who design anything through Addroid will be freed from having to deal with Flash.

When all is said and done, the fact remains that ads with live video are not as commonplace as they could be for the simple reason they are costly. Addroid is set to change that, and the company hopes it will establish itself as the one-step destination for the assembly and implementation of such kind of advertisements. In Their Own Words

Making video ads affordable.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a platform democratizes the access that people have always had to banner video ads. The mere fact of letting people do without Flash is an enormous improvement.

Some Questions About

How widespread can this service become? What can make it explode all over the Web?

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