– Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Addicted.comThe website aims to provide helpful tools for not only addicts but also their family and friends. The site also offers a variety of addiction recovery resources such as a zip code locator to help visitors to the site locate counselors, psychologists, doctors, and treatment centers near their location. The Addiction website was, in fact, originally designed as a referral service but has now evolved into an extensive resource for addicts and their loved ones. offers social networking, Q&A’s, professional advice, and online forums.

Treatment information and resources on aren’t just for people with drug addictions. They also provide information about alcohol, sex, over-eating, shopping, gambling, gaming and other addictions as well as their treatment options. Resources include details about the 12-Step Program, articles about being addicted, and self tests to help visitors to the site assess if they have addiction problems.

An Aftercare program is also offered through the website in order to help ease the transition between a treatment program and reentering the home environment. The Aftercare program on the Addicted website allows addicted people in recovery to login to the site in order to access real-time chat with counselors and alumni of their programs.

For individuals interested in working in addiction treatment centers or with addicted patients, offers job postings. Visitors to the “Addicted Jobs” section of the website may browse open positions or search by keywords and / or state. Job listings include the date the position was posted, the location, salary, and a description of the position, which also includes the requirements for the specific job. Each job listing on additionally provides information for job seekers on applying for the position.