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Add Customized Changelogs to Your Website For Free With ChangeCrab

As you develop your product and grow your business, you’re going to make changes along the way. Perhaps your developers fix a bug, or you add new features to your SaaS solution. How will you keep track of your changes and accomplishments, as well as keep your customers and even investors informed on how active you are and how you’re progressing? You could send out an email, or publish a new blog post, or talk about your improvements on social media. However, this requires your audience to read through a collection of emails, blog posts or social media posts to learn about all the changes you’ve made, rather than reading about everything at once. It’s time for a changelog! ChangeCrab can help.


ChangeCrab is a changelog hosting platform that allows you to create streamlined changelogs and embed them into your site, or host them on your own custom domain. ChangeCrab makes it easy to connect with your audience and share your accomplishments with the help of features like SSL, custom categories and a full rich API.

In addition to letting customers know how you’re working to improve their experience, changelogs offer a wide range of other benefits. Changelogs provide the opportunity for you to communicate with your audience using your brand’s unique personality, which can help create an emotional connection between your audience and your product, team or brand.

Frequent communication of your updates, changes and improvements allows you to be more transparent, which encourages customers to build trust in your company. Changelogs from ChangeCrab also allow you to explain the reasoning behind your changes to build even more trust and confidence in the consumer.

ChangeCrab also helps you quickly and easily show investors that you’re actively working on your product and making improvements, which can help make your company or product seem like a wise investment.

ChangeCrab offers a number of features to help you get the most out of your changelog.

Custom domains and categories: ChangeCrab lets users create a free custom domain, add custom categories, and import their company’s branding for a customized changelog.

Unlimited team accounts: Full team management and unlimited extra accounts allow your team members to contribute to the changelog 24/7.

Embeddable widget: With an embeddable widget, viewers are able to hover over a spot on your website to see a complete list of changes without having to load a separate page.

Markdown: The markdown and editor features make creating and managing a changelog quick and easy.

Free support: ChangeCrab offers live chat support – with a real human! – on site and on Discord.

Immediate user feedback: ChangeCrab lets users vote on updates, helping you gauge their feelings towards particular features, edits and more.

Pricing plans: ChangeCrab currently offers a free plan plus a premium plan with additional features, including a white label option and custom CSS.

When it comes to product updates and the user experience, customers appreciate you keeping them in the know. If you need a convenient way to show customers how you’re staying active and working to make their experience the best it can be, ChangeCrab might be the right solution. You can learn more and decide for yourself at


Author : Lynsie Dickerson

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