KillerStartups – Channel Your Inner Ad Exec

AdCandy.comThink you can come up with a better slogan than “Just Do It”? Or “I’m loving it”? Sure you can. Everybody’s got a say when it comes to advertising.

Witness the Superbowl commercial fiasco every year. It’s hit or miss in the advertising biz. If you’ve ever fancied yourself a clever wordsmith or genius marketer, check out AdCandy, the site where you and everyone else can submit your own ads and win cash prizes. Submit slogans, images, portfolios. AdCandy is part street art ethos, part why not-logic. It works under the premise that you, the end user are most intimate with the products by professionals who may be experts in psychology and numbers, but no scarcely a detail about the actual product. AdCandy lets you participate in popular culture. Who knows you could make pop history or at least make 50 bucks trying. In Their Own Words

“Adcandy’s mission is to give The Street a creative voice in the creation of advertising. If we have to be bombarded with advertising words and images all day long, shouldn’t we at least be given a crack at contributing something to it? And who knows the products better: people hired to create ads for a product or the people who use the products everyday?”

Why It Might Be A Killer

AdCandy’s street ethos is admirable. It’s true most people know the products they love best far better than ad execs who live in ivory towers. AdCandy provides a chance for everyone to participate and gives them hope that they may have a killer slogan or image.

Some Questions About

Is AdCandy trying to attract visitors or repel? The site design leaves something to be desired. Will more advertiser and agencies sign up to buy AdCandy’s out put? Will anyone make pop culture history?

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