KillerStartups – Ada County Sheriff

AdaSheriff.orgFor folks in Ada County, Idaho, offers victim services, records, reports, and other tools and resources regarding law enforcement in the area. Residents and visitors to the AdaSheriff website may check recent arrests in the county, view a map of recent crime reports, or check the sex offender registry. A Jail inmate listing and FAQs about warrants issued by the Ada Sheriff’s office are also available. Non-emergency dispatch and emergency numbers as well as the mailing address are provided for the office along with links to the Ada County Sheriff’s Office Facebook, Twitter, and RSS pages. A video detailing the new Jail Video Visitation system is also available for viewing on the website.

For victims, survivors, and witnesses of serious crimes in Ada County, the AdaSheriff website offers information about the office’s Victim-Witness Coordinators. The Coordinators function as advocates for victims and witnesses while providing immediate crisis intervention services. According to, these people “help victims understand and navigate the criminal justice system, facilitate their participation with the judicial process and accompany victims to court.” Victim-Witness Coordinators help preserve the dignity of witnesses and victims by showing them respect and compassion while they endure the often emotionally intense situations of being a witness and / or victim of a crime.

One of the more striking aspects of the AdaSheriff website is the amount of information provided. On the Current Arrests page, visitors to the site are able to search the past 5 days of arrest records and then view the names, addresses, ages, and charges of those people arrested in Ada County. Another very detailed section of the website is the Crime Mapping page which allows users to search for murders, assaults, kidnappings, abductions, robberies, burglaries, larcenies, theft, motor vehicle theft, arson, and other types of crime in the Ada County area by address or city.

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