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Adaptu.comI’m sure most of you turn to Mint when it comes to managing your finances, simply because there’s really no other service around that lets you do the things Mint lets you do. But that’s about to change now that Adaptu is here. Just like Mint, Adaptu is a financial life planning and management platform. Yet, Adaptu comes with a good couple of tricks up its sleeve. These are tools to prevent overspending, a tool that can predict cash flow, and support for cards that Mint doesn’t currently take into account. These include rewards cards and insurance cards.


It all goes into letting you know when you really can afford to buy something. Adaptu’s predictive technology and the clever way it can analyze your past purchases lets it tell you how much money you’re going to have in the future.

Adaptu can figure that out not only by looking at the money you’ve spent on your past shopping trips, but also by tracking your bills and utilities. This is key to determining your exact financial situation from month to month.

You can get Adaptu for your iPhone here. It’s a free download, and there’s nothing to pay later on either. The app has also got a great “virtual wallet” feature that can mimic your credit and business cards, right on your iPhone. You do that by snapping photos of these cards you want to keep on your mobile. All your cards will be secured with passwords and PINs. In Their Own Words

Adaptu is a new, free online financial life planning and management service. Members of Adaptu can create a personalized view of their financial life and engage with a community to help take a more active role in the financial decisions that will affect their lives.

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How long will it be before Mint moves to match Adaptu’s advanced cash flow predictions?

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