KillerStartups – Another Model For Monetizing Twitter

AdAdmire.comTwitter has just announced the release of its monetization platform, and already someone has come up with something that is not only different but that will come as better-devised to many.

As you know, Twitter’s long-awaited platform came across as nothing more than ads put over the news stream.

Users began voicing their concern immediately, fearing that the balance would be irrevocably disrupted and that a platform that was clearly defined could lose its edge. For its parts, industry hands were quite disappointed that after all this time all that Twitter could come with was something as linear as paid tweets – specially after Ev Williams said that the company wanted to cause an impact similar to that caused by AdSense when it first came out.

That is where this new platform attempts to pick up. The idea is to let users advertise themselves to fellow Twitterers. Upon joining the site, your account will be analyzed and recommendations be made based on where it is that you reside and what kind of tweets you usually put out. Revenue is generated when someone clicks its way to any tweeter that is sponsored by an advertiser.

So, the emphasis here is placed on a concept that (while hazy) it is completely endemic to Twitter: influence. The true roots and motivations of each user are taken into consideration for monetization purposes. This stands in stark contrast to Twitter’s announced Promoted Tweets program, which mostly bases its approach on specific queries that can (and will) vary from time to time. In Their Own Words

“Ads for followers.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Not everybody was satisfied by Twitter’s announced platform, and alternatives like this one were just a matter of time. The fact that this came about so quickly just highlights the demand that there is for such a service.

Some Questions About

How many more monetization platforms are forthcoming?

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