– Online Marketing This website is an interactive advertising and technology conference aimed to connect all sides of today’s brand marketing landscape. The mission of this site is to bring customers the now and the next of modern marketing.

Reach to the latest information on conferences, blogs, and the buzz about ad: tech than RSS. provides with a wide range of information regarding to hotels, events, conferences, exhibitions of different countries such as Paris, USA, Germany, etc. It also gives you the possibility to create your own account by completing a simple form, which will allow you to get the recent modern marketing news. In Their Own Words

“Ad-tech is on the cutting edge with interactive marketing- check out the latest addition to our site, ad:tech RSS feeds! There is no better way to get the latest information on our conferences, blogs, and the buzz about ad: tech than RSS (in techie terms, stands for Really Simple Syndication- but all you need to know is that it is fresh information, personalized by you, delivered right to your RSS reader- see below for what that is) Basically, its automated web surfing that’s personalized- no more searching the web or cluttered email inboxes. Subscription feeds are divided into categories- simply mark the check box for the topics you are interested in and a personalized URL will be created just for you. If you ever want to change your preferences in the future, simply come back to this page or look for the “Update your preferences” button at the bottom of any of your feeds. The best way to get your feeds delivered to you is via an RSS reader, which basically aggregates feeds from various sites and provide them to you in a readable format. Feel free to syndicate our feeds on your site or blog! That’s one of the best parts about RSS – the ability to republish someone else’s content.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a very appealing site since it’s very well organized, designed in an elegant, attractive and tidy way. It allows customers to reach to the latest information on different skills.
It has all the category “must” have. Last but not least, is a relay interested and fun site to search in.

Some Questions About

Will they provide the customers with a “search” through which they can have access to more information of the different marketing sources?