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ActualSizer.comActualSizer is an online endeavor that is based on a simple yet interesting premise: by taking into account information such as your current screen resolution and monitor size the program will let you display a scan of a work of art of your choice. Based upon the abovementioned computer setup information, you might be able to see the work of art at exactly the same size that it would have in real life.


The site explains that the goal of the website is not to improve the image itself, but to provide a true representation of the scale and dimensions of an actual work of art. There is a section of the site that deals with troubleshooting and related considerations, and advice on how to obtain a more accurate image on your existing monitor.

Examples can be found in the section that goes by the same name, and they can be visualized straightaway. Some of these include works from luminaries like Claude Monet, Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael.

Further information includes guidance on how to copy and paste URLs for additional convenience, whereas contact information is provided under the relevant heading. In Their Own Words

“ActualSizer uses information about your computer setup (specifically, your monitor size and screen resolution), and combines that with an artwork’s actual size, in order to display a scan of that work at the exact same size that it would appear in real life.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Art lovers everywhere will be thrilled at the prospect of seeing works of art at exactly the same size that they have in real life.

Some Questions About

Are there any similar sites? If you can’t find a particular piece online to be displayed, where can you look it up?

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