search cancel – Take Control Of Your Carrier is a site which aims to fulfil actors needs and wants by providing them the possibility of being their own managers.


It consists in creating a free account which will allow them to post up to two pictures for free and additional photos for only $10 each. And you can freely swap out either or both of your two free photos as often as you wish with new photos. They may also create and maintain an online resume that is accessible to casting whenever making a submission. Also they may create a profile which is constantly updated and accessible for others. If represented all your info is constantly send via email to your agent or manager. If wanted info may be sent about new rolls or break down info constantly.
What makes this site outstand is that whoever is member of, can make electronic submissions for castings, with no costs. But if you’re not a member you may also make a submission by only paying $2. In Their Own Words

“Actors access, your starting point for taking control of your career. Uniquely tied to your representative’s information about you
As a registered Actors Access user, you can enjoy the many options available to you.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It’s an innovative idea; facilitates the link between actors and entrepreneurs. Avoids long waits and saves up cash and time.

Some Questions About

Up to what point it’s a free service? How much can casting directors may rely on those actors?

Author : Caroline Bright

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