KillerStartups – Screening Candidates Differently

ActiveInterview.comInterviewing candidates is a vital part of any screening process, but even when we know how pivotal it is we can’t help but feel that it takes up too much time. And the activity itself also gets on the patience of the one who has to conduct the interviews – he has to ask the selfsame questions the livelong day.

That is something incredibly enervating in the end.

It comes as no real surprise that somebody has created a system for overcoming these shortcomings. Named “Active Interview”, it lets you create video interviews for candidates to go through. A solution like this one has the immense merit of more than halving the time a face to face interview would entail, as all you have to is watch the answers to your questions afterwards.

When doing so, you will be provided with a tool for ranking and commenting each individual candidate. In that way, when you have more than one suitable candidate for the same position the whole selection process becomes notably easier and (in keeping with the philosophy of the site) something less time-consuming. In Their Own Words

“Simple video interviewing for smarter recruiting.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It brings something that has always demands a lot of time into a more practical context for just everybody.

Some Questions About

How long can a video interview be?

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