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How Do You Turn Your Supporters Into A Loud & Ecstatic Crowd? Activatr

A word about points systems for rewarding brand loyalty. They work for things like, say, paying with a credit card – when customers have near unlimited ways to earn points on a regular basis. They are not so effective, however, when it comes to rewarding social media interactions, because most people aren’t going to see any immediate value and they’re unlikely to engage more than once. This is the age of instant gratification, after all.


So, how do you get people talking and harness the power of word of mouth?


Activatr is a social media marketing platform with a simple but smart formula: reward supporters for their contributions right away.


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Activatr activates the crowd for any type of social media campaign, making it simple for anyone to do all of the following:

  1. create a campaign
  2. tell their story
  3. create social media posts
  4. offer perks


The good people that share a message don’t have to play any games, accept any challenges, or deal with any annoying caveats. They get to enjoy perks immediately – discounts, goods, services, etc. (you decide) – for their participation.


Straight up perks give supporters a clear reason to promote whatever it is that you hope to raise awareness about. Activatr can earn attention equally for a restaurant, a brand, an event, a crowdfunding campaign, pretty much anything. Activatr offers an easy-to-grasp recipe for increasing engagement.


It’s a win-win for everyone. Brands leverage the reach of supporters’ social networks to build both presence and reputation, while supporters score perks.


Everyone knows that personal recommendations can drive sales and convert those who are maybe on the fence or indifferent into becoming either clients or spokesmen. Giving people a solid reason to boost your message motivates them to do so more enthusiastically.


A simple dashboard lets Activatr users manage as many campaigns as they’d like and easily fulfill rewards. A white label solution, Activatr makes it cinch to curate and publish content so that it stays consistent with each brand’s identity on any social network. Analytics help businesses to figure out what rewards work best so that they can run more effective campaigns.


In the company’s words, “If Kickstarter helps raise money for a project or business, Activatr helps you raise awareness about a project or business.” So, if you have a new startup that you want people to check out, a non-profit doing great things, or some other project or business that deserves more recognition, rally the people who care with some enticing perks.


Learn more about how Activatr can work for you and request to join private beta at


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