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Activator.comFounded in 1967 on the principal of clinical research, Activator Methods International provides chiropractic care, training, and resources through their website, The organization also helped develop the most popular chiropractic instrument and technique in the world: the Activator Method. Nearly 150,000 licensed professionals are trained in using the Activator Method, which is a low-force chiropractic technique. The actual activator device is a handheld instrument which is used to manipulate the vertebrae (in the spine), without using enough force to cause injury. provides extensive background information on the device, technique, and Arlan Fuhr, the creator. The device is an MFMA (mechanical force manual assisted) tool and, at most, it delivers 0.3 J of kinetic energy during a 3 millisecond pulse. Activator Methods International offers over forty seminars each year to teach people the technique and provide certification. additionally provides more than 15 videos about the device.

The Activator store on sells the device for $689.99 as well as a holster for the device and other accessories. For folks experiencing pain, the site also sells TheraDerm pain relieving patches and the Backtivator, a device which claims help promote a health spine by promoting static activity. Other products in the Activator Methods shop include a Dr. Fuhr Bobblehead, an Activator tie, Activator Methods silk scarves (for just $89.99 each), educational materials, as well as other chiropractor accessories and adjusting instruments.

For patients, the Activator Methods website provides detailed information about the health conditions which may be treatable with the Activator and other Chiropractic methods. The “Find a Chiropractor” page on additional helps connect patients with Activator qualified Chiropractors in North America, Europe, South Africa, and Asia.


Author : Caroline Bright

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