ActionThis – Execute your Project

Are you always leaving the office late? You can’t remember the last time you met a deadline? ActionThis is a team management application that will help you not only plan and organize your tasks, but also execute them. Unlike most task management software, ActionThis focuses not only on helping you organize and plan your tasks, but making sure that they get done. helps teams and small businesses accomplish their goals using three easy steps: “Planning”, “Do It” and “Improve”.

“Planning” is where you’ll assign tasks to your fellow team members, either through Outlook or by using the neat web-based interface Action This comes with. Action items and tasks can be assigned to anyone in the world, making it easy to work with even the most distributed of workforces.

Then, “Do It” is the part of the process in which reminds everybody what he should be doing (and exactly when), so that the job gets done in time.

And the last step (“Improve”) is where Action This gives the team feedback on its progress so that each team member knows how well (or not) he has performed, and all the people involved can realize how productive they are as a unit.

ActionThis is available by paying a monthly fee ($10 per member), but a free trial is also available for those who want to test the product before paying anything. This free trial comes with ads, and storage is limited to 10MB per user. But other than that, it will let you test the services provided by more than satisfactorily.

ActionThis In Their Own Words

“Numerous software applications focus on planning and task management, but they are all fundamentally flawed: they focus on planning; they don’t help people execute; they don’t help people get things done; they don’t help teams learn and improve. We’re all working longer hours than ever before, yet the productivity applications we use are somehow failing us. ActionThis recognizes the challenges facing teams and small businesses today – tighter deadlines, shifting priorities, external dependencies and increasing competition make executing on time more difficult, yet more essential, than ever before.

ActionThis is a team execution management service. The leader in a new breed of software helping teams and small businesses define objectives, assign and track work items, and improve their execution through a continuous improvement process. ActionThis combines project management with collaboration and business intelligence to deliver teams and small businesses greater value from their existing software investments. ”

Why ActionThis It Might Be A Killer

The software seems easy to use with a clear main dashboard with all the key functions readily available and statistics comparing your progress to others. The flexible reporting page gives you access to all of your tasks and projects so you can see what is your most pressing task. The service gives you all you need to organize and to execute your project.

Some Questions About ActionThis

There are a lot of task management software and services available to individuals and businesses, how will ActionThis deal with the competition? There is a community network that will be added to this software in the future, when will it be available?