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ActionComplete.comAction Complete is a task management application for Android phones. It has been inspired by David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” methodology – a methodology for the management of information, commitments and communications.


The core tenet of GTD is taking both personal overwhelm and overload and channeling them into a positive way, so that a productive state of mind is achieved.

Using Action Complete you will be able to individualize all your goals and objectives and define the best course of action in order to make them come true. And Action Complete encourages you to review what is called “the six horizons of your commitments” in order to get to where you want to get not only faster but also better. These “six horizons” are “purpose”, “vision”, “goals”, “areas of focus”, “projects” and “actions”.

You can download a copy of Action Complete at the Android Market, or by scanning the barcode that is featured on this website. And note that a web-based version of Action Complete is also available. It will let you manage your every task as effectively as its mobile counterpart. In Their Own Words

“Inspired by David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” methodology, ActionComplete applications for Android and Web were built from the ground up to streamline the experience of exquisite GTD practitioners.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to gain focus and concentration.

Some Questions About

When was the GTD methodology first conceived?

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