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Acme.comHost to a variety of open source software products from Acme Laboratories, is written and maintained by Jef Poskanzer. Jef was the first person on Usenet to post a weekly FAQ. He is a computer programmer and he has shared the USENIX Lifetime Achievement Award twice, (in 1993 and 1996). receives more than 1 million email spams per day. Jef developed an open source web server, thttpd, and the portable pixmap file format as well as Pbmplus to manipulate the format. Jef was born in New York City in 1958 and has lived in Berkeley, Paris, and Bellport Long Island.


The website offers information about where the name “ACME” came from. Originally, the word came from Greek mythology, which included a nymph by the name of Acme. In Greek, “acme” means “perfection,” “the highest point,” or “the top.” Early school textbooks regarding business used “Acme” as a generic business name. Some people believe that it stood for “A Company Manufacturing Everything” but this has not been proven. In the early 1900s, Sears and Roebuck used “Acme” as the name of one of their in-house brands, which manufactured anvils. From there, Warner Brothers used the name for their mail-order company (which often delivered anvils) in Wile E. Coyote cartoons. Jef notes on, “the only affiliation between ACME Laboratories and Warner Brothers is that I’ve been a fan of Wile E. Coyote for thirty years.”

Other information on includes the ACME Labs freeware library, (which offers thttpd, mini httpd, micro httpd, spfmilter, pbmplus, and a talking clock), as well as ACME JavaScript utilities, Java pages, and a variety of tutorials and resources. One of the tutorials on is titled, “Learn how to filter out emailed spam,” which Jef is likely an expert at, from personal experience.

Author : Caroline Bright

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