– K-12 Reading and Writing

Achieve3000.comBy assessing each student’s abilities and special needs with the LevelSet – Lexile assessment tool, helps ensure that students achieve mastery in reading, writing and other courses. The Achieve3000 program helps to foster steady growth for students in grades K-12 while helping to ensure that they improve their test scores. Students receive assignments and follow-up exercises based upon their personal learning profiles. Achieve 3000 uses this technique to not only improve their performance but also to help build their confidence and self-esteem. For students with limited English skills, Haitian-Creole and Spanish versions of the programs are also available.

The program helps students improve their vocabulary acquisition, writing skills, fluency, and reading comprehension. First, the Lexile level of the student is assessed with the LevelSet assessment tool. The Lexile Framework for Reading helps determine the reading and comprehension abilities of students in order to match them with articles, books, and other reading resources appropriate for their reading level.

Next, the Achieve3000 program emails students personalized reading assignments which are based on their Lexile level, engaging, motivating, and interactive. Students receive nonfiction reading and writing assignments every day through the secure Achieve3000 email system.

The reading comprehension levels of students are monitored daily. Mid-year, a second LevelSet assessment is done and assignments are adjusted if needed to match the current Lexile level of the student. At the end of the year, a third LevelSet is administered to students in order to determine how much their reading comprehension has improved through the program.

Throughout the year, provides administrators and teachers with diagnostic information and management reports to help ensure the students are receiving teaching and support based upon their specific needs.