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ACF.orgThe American Chestnut Foundation (TACF) work to restore the American chestnut tree to its native US habitat and is where their efforts are chronicled online. After many chestnut trees succumbed to the chestnut blight, (a lethal fungus infestation), The American Chestnut Foundation was founded by plant scientists who wished to bring back the chestnut tree. The ACF realized that losing the chestnut tree had negative effects on not only the ecology of forests but also on the local economy of rural communities. The American chestnut was a crucial part of the ecosystem on the Eastern United States as well as being the most important source of food for wildlife in the area, including birds and bears.


Through a backcross breeding program which crossed the American chestnut tree with Chinese chestnut trees, the American trees became blight resistant. The research facility has planted over 160 acres of American chestnuts trees and they currently have more than 30,000 trees at their farm. provides extensive information about the TACF, (The American Chestnut Foundation), and their work with restoring the American chestnut.

Visitors to are invited to donate to the cause or to become a member of the foundation. ACF currently has over 6,000 members. People who would like to become members of TACF can download and print their membership directly from Regular membership is $40 per year. Annual Sponsor, Student, 3-Year, Gift and Corporate memberships are also available. Membership dues are tax free and a portion of the fee is tax deductible.

Visitors to the ACF website can also donate through the website or support TACF by purchasing merchandise from the site. Items available at include books, clothing, prints, cards, and handcrafts products.

Author : Caroline Bright

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