– Adrienne Harvey

Multi-talented Adrienne Harvey is an actress, dancer, model, singer, and artist – and she wants to share her gifts with the world. Adrienne’s art has been featured in Caelum Gallery, NYC; and she has guest starred on “Dawson’s Creek”, as well as played Harvey Keitel’s daughter in “Shadrach”. In Their Own Words

I believe that everyone has been given a gift by God; sometimes more than one gift – that we need to be using. I believe that we’ve all been given different abilities because we are part of a “bigger plan” that we can’t even fathom. When we focus on our own strengths, then, and ONLY then, can we be part of that plan that brings true joy and happiness.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Check out her “art” link. Adrienne’s original art is for sale through her site, and is starting to gain rapid popularity among certain circles.