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AcerSupport.comOffering customer support for all Acer Products, is available in countries throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Language options are available in the lower left-hand corner of the main page and the support page is shown for the United States by default. An extensive Q&A section of the website helps customers with a variety of issues for each and every Acer device. These include Netbooks, Tablets, Notebooks and more. For customers of the “Answers by Acer” program, they are also eligible to receive free phone support for their Acer devices through

Additional resources available to customers include information on Acer advantage warranties, driver downloads for Acer products, and email and chat support.

The Product Recycling Program at helps keep the environment clean by avoiding the addition of electronic waste to landfills. The program encourages consumers to trade in or recycle their old electronic technology devices.

For Acer products which are in need of repair services, the Fix My Acer programs helps customer arrange to have their Acer products delivered to be fixed. And once they’ve sent them in, Acer product owners can check the status of just any current repair case. also encourages customers to visit their accessory store where they can purchase recovery CDs for their Acers system as well as adapters, batteries, storage devices, additional drives, and extended warranties. Website visitors can additionally check the status of any order they happen to have placed in the accessory store.

Other features and sections of the Acer Support website include a product catalog, detailed product information, and all there is to know about the ever-popular Acer for Education Program.