– Acer Products and Acer Support Australia Australian customers of Acer, the website provides thorough support and shopping information. The Aussie Acer site allows customers to register their Acer products online, allowing them to receive enhanced tech services, take customer satisfaction surveys about their Acer products, and receive news about the newest products available from the company. The registration process is simple and only takes a few minutes.

For Acer Cashback Claims, they can also reach the claim site through Claims can be entered online and take about 8 weeks to process.

Acer also offers a variety of software through including Office 2010, McAfee Internet Security and MyWinLocker. Acer products come pre-loaded with Office 2010 but if customers would like to purchase other versions of Office, including Business, Professional, or Student, they can do so through the Australian Acer website.

The site provides Australians both online and phone support. With the online support function, users can search for answers, ask a question, or login for additional support options. The Acer website also handles spare parts enquiries as well as providing information on alerts, recalls, and warranties for their Acer products. Customers may also choose to purchase an International Travelers Warrant (ITW) through, which is a one year optional extended warranty offered to customers who are “temporarily outside the territorial scope of the local warranty covering the respective product, without the intention of establishing a permanent residence.”

The Acer Australia website also has detailed product information about Acer notebooks, netbooks, tablets and other devices. Additionally, an online catalog is accessible, and it allows site visitors to browse all Acer products and accessories.