– College Board ACCUPLACER Testing is a test that can assess a student’s writing, computer, math, and reading skills quickly and efficiently, and provides information for both students and test administrators. For students, the basics of how such test works and sample questions are provided. Test Administrators and Professionals can request an ACCUPLACER account for their institutions through the New Institution Registration link. In both cases, support is provided by phone and by email..

ACCUPLACER is basically a tool to help educators and students accurately measure any student’s academic skills. The information from the tests helps the students, their parents, and academic advisors to determine proper course placement for them. The tests are not “pass” or “fail” but rather a tool to help make sure that students are placed in the courses most appropriate for their academic skills in reading, English, Math, and computers.

For students who have learned English as a second language, an ACCUPLACER ESL Reading Skills test is available. also provides extensive information about other tests specifically designed for ESL students, including ACCUPLACER ESL Language Use, Sentence Meaning, WritePlacer, and Listening tests.

Additional resources on the ACCUPLACER website include Tips for Taking the ACCUPLACER Test, as well as information on planning for college, finding the right college, applying to college, and paying for college. Links to other College Board Tests are also available through the website, including the SAT, PSAT / NMSQT, CLEP, and AP (Advanced Placement) tests for a variety of subjects.

For customer service, offers an extensive FAQ, an online inquiry form, phone numbers, and an email address to help ensure that the questions of students and test administrators get answered as quickly as possible.