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AccentTraining.netThere is only one true way to sound like a native speaker, and that is talking to one yourself. A whole week in your room studying pronunciation pales when compared to the richness brought by just15 minutes of interaction with one such individual. And that is something the ones behind this website know all too well.


On Accent Training you can have your whole pronunciation analyzed by an English native speaker that is going to assist you in the way to sounding like a person who comes straight out of America.

And the implementation of the whole service is certainly spot-on, as you can actually record yourself over the phone. Not even a mic is needed to use Accent Training.

Once you have recorded yourself, then you will be able to listen to no less that five American residents speaking what you have said, and then they will analyze your accent. If that fails to let you hone your pronunciation skills, then English is just not for you. In Their Own Words

Have Real American Residents analyze your American Accent!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let anybody sound like an American in a way that is faster than traditional classroom settings, and certainly less distracting.

Some Questions About

Can you have your accent analyzed by more than five people if that is what you want?

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