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AbundantHope.netHome to the Abundant Hope Forum, offers information for members of Abundant Hope. The forum at was closed to new members on December 20, 2010. In the announcement of the closure to new applicants, Candace (the message poster) stated, “For reasons I cannot explain? things are very intense right now and there is a strong need for privacy, I cannot accept anyone new. Perhaps latter during the announcement period. To those of you waiting, I will leave your statements there for later consideration.” (This statement has been copied word-for-word from the website and any spelling errors are those of the website). As of September, 2011, the forum is still closed to new members. offers information to members and the general public such as how they plan to change the face of religion through telepathic messages and science. They offer articles and posts about human and animal rights, political information, health and nutrition, the environment, science, and whistle blowing. Recent AbundantHope member writings include “NATO Defeated at All Fronts exept for War of Lies,” “Putin sets stage for return as Russian president,” and “Candace Teachings on BLP: ‘Interesting upbeat spiritual teachings.’ Part 1-Update.” (All spelling and grammatical errors have been copied word-for-word from the website).

Other information and articles on the Abundant Hope website include a page titled ‘Becoming a Messiah,’ which seems to include an archive of posts detailing when the forum has been closed to new members in the past. Other posts on the ‘Becoming a Messiah’ page include images from cartoons and an article detailing the child abuse, mind control, and pedophilia supposedly depicted in the cartoons.

On the “Contact Us” page of AbundantHope, no relevant contact information is provided. The main page of currently requests donations.

Author : Caroline Bright

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