ABum.com – Interesting and Funny Videos

ABum.comIf you are in need of a good laugh (and let’s face it, aren’t we all?), then look no further than aBum.com. They collect and curate what they consider to be the most interesting and funny videos on the internet. They also post funny pictures, animations, r-rated content and games. Visitors to aBum.com can search by keywords, or sort videos by category, recently added, most discussed, or most viewed. A word of caution about the aBum website, it is easy to get a bit distracted and caught up in the videos so checking them out while you are at the office is not a good idea unless you have a lenient boss (or unless you are the boss, of course).

Current highlights from aBum.com include possibly the oldest man to ever go to a rave drinking Jagermeister and dancing his super funny raver dance. Did I mention he is wearing a cape? Another hilarious video is singer Mark Hoppus (of Blink182 and +44 fame) asking the epic Ozzy Osbourne if he likes Justin Bieber. Now that is entertainment.

Some of the more popular categories of videos on aBum include funny, celebs, how to, and music. The “How To” section includes a PSA about talking to children about sex. The premise is that when schools stop educating children about sex, parents need to do so at home lest their kids learn about it the graphic way – online.

Games on Abum.com include “Lord of the Ring Toss” which features the cast from the Howard Stern Show, “Need for Speed Underground” (a first person view racing game), and “Black Ops: Korean Conflict” which allows players to take of the North Korean threat with their ninja skills.

If you are looking for some online entertainment for an hour (or twelve), then Bum.com may be exactly what you need. ABum.com