AboutMyBaby.com – Online Baby Scrapbooks

AboutMyBaby.comEvery discovery your child makes feels like a miracle and as a proud parent why wouldn’t you record and share all of your child’s discoveries? My parents have a scrapbook of my baby days with embarrassing photos and scribble drawings. Due to technology the nature of scrapbooks has changed and you can share your child’s moments instantly with people from all over the world.

Instead of waiting for the family reunion to pass the scrapbook around you can instantly send photos and films to aunt Ida in Virginia. AboutMyBaby.com is the ultimate online baby scrapbook. AboutMyBaby.com was created by computer geeks, as they call themselves, who became parents and harnessed their knowledge of websites to make a great service for all parents. AboutMyBaby.com has many features such as: photos, videos, journals, mailing lists, guestbook, baby stats, and more. There are two versions to choose from, a free one and a version you pay for. The ProAboutMyBaby.com version with a fee has no advertising and unlimited activity. Share your baby’s first steps and words with all of your friends and family by registering with AboutMyBaby.com.

AboutMyBaby.com In Their Own Words

“AboutMyBaby is the most popular baby scrapbooking site on the web. It’s a super-easy, super-fast way to keep friends and family connected with your baby or baby-to-be with photos, videos, journal entries and more. The site was designed and built by Internet veterans who have over 30 years combined experience in building easy-to-use, reliable websites.”

Why AboutMyBaby.com It Might Be A Killer

AboutMyBaby.com has an attractive interface. The site is easy to navigate and contains a useful FAQ’s section. It is great that the site was created by web savvy parents who understand exactly what other parents want to document and share about their baby. It is nice that AboutMyBaby.com presents two versions so that users can decide which one best fits their needs. AboutMyBaby.com offers all of the tools parents need to document and cherish their child’s achievements.

Some Questions About AboutMyBaby.com

AboutMyBaby.com could add some web2.0 features such as profiles and groups so parents can bond. AboutMyBaby.com could also include educational and parenting advice on the site to help inform new parents of baby news and child development. AboutMyBaby.com