AboutMobo.com – Online File Organizing & Sharing

AboutMobo.comMobo is a file management tool which can be found on the World Wide Web at AboutMobo.com.

This tool is available both to PC and Mac users, for a fixed monthly rate which is specified on the website.

The process for sharing files using Mobo is actually quite straightforward – all you have to do is choose which files you wish others to have access to and then they will be shared with anybody who has a web browser. A nice touch is that there are no file size limitations of any kind whatsoever.

Mobo makes for creating categories in order to organize your files by specifying the name of the project and those who can see it. This way, you can keep track of who is seeing what all the time.

A trial version is featured, and it will let you test Mobo for free during 30 days, and there is also a virtual tour which showcases Mobo in full swing. Just follow the provided link if you want to determine if this is the right application for you or not.

AboutMobo.com In Their Own Words

“Mobo is an online file management tool, which you can use with a monthly subscription, on MAC and PC. It is web-based, so you have nothing to download, nor to install. Access and manage your files easily with Mobo.”

Why AboutMobo.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a flexible tool that can be easily put into practice.

Some Questions About AboutMobo.com

How much does it cost? AboutMobo.com