Abhisi – The Hassle-free Help Desk For Everyone

When it comes to providing help, everyone appreciates speed and convenience – both support teams and customers. Though online businesses have gotten much better at offering help – pop-up boxes featuring live chats, as one example – questions still take longer to answer than most of us would like.


Customers want life online to be as straightforward as when walking into a brick-and-mortar store or restaurant. Someone sees you need help and asks you how they can help. You tell them and they find an answer on the spot.


Abhisi looks to deliver a help desk that runs just as easily and efficiently. One smart feature that jumps out immediately is that Abhisi allows customers to reach out to a company through the channel that they are most comfortable using. This could mean email, Twitter, Facebook, chat, help docs, or a phone call.


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What one person find expedient, another finds annoying. Abhisi avoids alienating anyone by letting customers communicate with a preferred tool. Such flexibility shows that a business cares, and prevents customers from slipping through the cracks.


Of course, contact is just the beginning of providing great support. Abhisi spares customers passwords and case IDs. It strips away extra baggage that is hard to keep straight and squares focus directly on asking questions and receiving fast answers.


As for answers, Abhisi makes teams look like help rockstars in a variety of ways. It can respond with preset automated replies, because sometimes a couple of clicks is all it takes to give easy answers. The Abhisi system also automates other components of the process – assigning tasks to team members, tagging messages, sending notifications, etc.


To further hasten the help process, Abhisis empowers team members to field questions from any device, anywhere in the world. This gives businesses a 24/7 help desk, so customers never feel left alone and grow tempted to take their business elsewhere.


Rather than tell you how many people you need on your support staff, Abhisi is designed to fit your needs, regardless if you’re running a one-person show or scaling rapidly and can’t hire fast enough. Find the plan that suits your team’s size and budget here.


Complicated systems (tickets, I’m looking at you) slow down support staff. Abhisi frees teams to concentrate on customers thanks to zero installation requirements and minimal setup. No need to learn new software. Abhisi merely redirects and streamlines requests into one location. Not only does this save precious time, but it allows them to track how fast and successfully teams perform, enabling them to make proper adjustments.


Want to run a stellar help desk while eliminating hassles for both your team and all-important customers? Give Abhisi a try.


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