Aamc.org – Association of American Medical Colleges

Aamc.orgDo you study medicine in the United States? If that is the case, it seems like this website might be worthy of a try. Aamc.org is the official site of the Association of American Medical Colleges, an association that regulates all regarding medical colleges and schools in the United States and some Canadian regions.

If you enter this website you can get informed on the provided services including medical application programs and careers in medicine as well as about the different accredited medical colleges in the US. Apart from that, on Aamc.org you can read details regarding medical publications and meetings.

As a conclusion, if you now study or you want to study medicine in the United States you can visit Aamc.org to know about this American medical association and the provided services including medical careers and medical application programs. Feel free to visit this site if you need information on medical careers in the US. Aamc.org