A-Trip.com – Share Your Travel Experiences

A-Trip.com@trip is developed by Taiwanese manufacturer Mobile Action Technology Inc. It lets you share travel experiences using geotagged photos and GPS track visualized on Google Maps or Google Earth, and let everybody know where you have been to, where photos have been taken and so on.

Most important of all, the site acts like an online community that lets users explore where and how others have travelled, which bike routes are interesting, which camping sites are worth visiting… They can also notify their friends via Facebook, Twitter, My Space and Digg.

Moreover, users from all over the world can meet up on the @trip Travel Blog site and exchange their track information, what they have experienced and what they have seen on the road.

The site also includes an ample collection of manuals and tutorials on the different incarnations of @trip including a full guide on the mobile version, and links to Wikipedia articles dealing with related concepts such as “longitude”, “latitude” and “GPS”.

A-Trip.com In Their Own Words

“@trip PC is a specialized software that can auto-add GPS information on the photos taken on your journey and present your journey lively on 3D map. Besides, @trip PC offers great functionality that allows you to create, customize and export your trips in various file formats, in order to share many traveling fun times with your family and friends.”

Why A-Trip.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a vivid way for anybody to share his travel experiences and keep family and friends fully posted on what is going on at every step of the way.

Some Questions About A-Trip.com

Do you have to pay anything in order to use it? A-Trip.com