Connect2Classes – A Smart Way To Find Classes That Are Right For You

I came so close to becoming fluent in Italian. After studying up on my own and then spending three months in Italy, I was conversing freely and reading young adult books. When I returned from my stay abroad, I signed up immediately for classes so that I could permanently program Italian into my brain.


A week before courses were scheduled to begin, the class was canceled. That was fifteen years ago, and I don’t have to tell you how much Italian I can speak these days.


Connect2Classes hopes to end such sad stories and pack those tiny violins back into their cases. A website that connects learners to local classes, Connect2Classes (C2C) gives people a chance to learn new skills or advance their careers, as classes fit their schedules and pocketbooks.




The marketplace is also a great tool for organizations or educators to list their classes where they’ll become highly visible – thus filling up and sparing students the cancellation heartbreak I suffered.


If you’re at all familiar with my writing here on KS, you’ll know that I love continuing education opportunities. I’m an enthusiastic lifelong learner. What a pity to have a brain and not keep it in tip-top shape, alert and functional! What I like about C2C is that it serves a wide variety of needs, with the aim of being the source for finding any kind of class.


So, you can turn to C2C to acquire all those tech skills so valuable in the job market right now. You can find classes to improve your fitness, become a pro chef, to finally pursue your passions, get certified as a teacher… No matter the subject or your intention, C2C makes discovering the right class so much easier than your average epic Google search.


The site offers a straightforward search by categories or keyword. From there, it’s possible to refine results according to price, schedule, online or in-person availability. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for at the moment? Save favorite classes as a possibility for later on, or ask for notifications when other similar options become available in the future.


For added convenience, learners can register for classes directly from C2C – I can hear those new instruments tuning! Basically, C2C tries to makes both finding and getting started with whatever class you’re interested in as easy as possible.


Here’s how Dallas Jasper, C2C Co-founder and CEO, described her personal frustrations from the teachers’ side of the desk:

For the last few years I had been the Executive Director of an organization that offered green building classes. We spent a lot of time and effort publicizing our program. We tried print advertising, but it was very expensive and not very effective. Our own website was great, but people only saw it if they were already looking for our class. SEO is a moving target and continuously sucked up marketing budget, and Google Adwords was so confusing that we were never really sure if our money was being well spent. I kept looking for a better solution.”


Naturally, that solution never materialized and C2C was born. The startup began in the Seattle area – quickly adding over 7,000 classes offered by over 100 providers – and looks to power up the light bulb wattage in other local communities soon.


No more excuses! Get busy learning anything and everything you can. Make those courses more readily available! Find out more about this education facilitator at


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