A Simple & Powerful Hack For Healthier Eating – Make Every Calorie Count

I belong in the huge camp of people (at least everyone I know) who are concerned about diet and eating healthier foods, but not so hot at tracking what we eat or changing our habits. I’d like to take greater responsibility, but it often seems like too much work – and that’s without delving into how diets and supplements and specialists complicate matters.


FoodCount might not be flashiest or most groundbreaking solution one would hope for, but it just might be the most sane and effective. FoodCount is a calorie counter with a number of attractive features that make accounting for what you eat and planning your meals to achieve dietary goals much much easier.



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For starters, a Chrome extension and browser button let web searchers estimate the calories in any online recipe super fast. So, if you’re easily swayed by whatever food porn is placed before your eyes, or if you’re interested in a recipe but unsure if it’s good for you, you can have a clear idea of nutritional value of any recipe with minimal effort.


FoodCount uses a slick recipe importer that makes collecting healthy meal ideas a cinch. Not only does FoodCount grab recipes, but it immediately measures the amount of calories, proteins, carbs, fat and more. In addition, FoodCount makes adjusting recipes to meet goals or editing out particular ingredients to meet dietary restrictions hassle free. Basically, it’s a breeze to make recipes work for you.


The control that FoodCount gives individuals to monitor what they eat and the ability to tailor meals to fit personal requirements are off-the-charts smart. A wicked fast search inputs virtually any food into the calorie counter. FoodCount stores previous meals, so it’s easy to compare meals and track progress in relation to meeting your goals.



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A meal idea generator has simple filters that quickly points users to suitable recipes. The meal planner auto syncs with a grocery list, so there’s no extra labor involved in buying the appropriate quantities of needed ingredients.


It’s worth mentioning that a subtle beauty of FoodCount is that it doesn’t prescribe any particular diet or cater to any one particular goal. If your aim is to lose weight, build muscle, increase energy, etc., you can put FoodCount to work on your behalf. By counting both calories and the nutrients of every foodstuff with ease, FoodCount bounds gracefully over a huge hurdle to managing diet. And it’s free to use! How many healthy eating or dieting tools can say the same?


If logging food items will never become a sexy practice, at least we can have the task simplified and the understanding of what we put into our bodies made so easily available. Thank you, FoodCount. Near effortless counting is a tremendous leap toward eating better. Start counting down those sodium and sugar levels at foodcount.com.


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