A Professional Business Messenger App Of A Higher Caliber

Today’s Killer Startup: Caliber




Elevator Pitch:

Caliber is a messaging app that connects you with the right business contacts.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

So, first of all, my dislike of LinkedIn is pretty well documented. I think they have a terrible UX/UI and the whole website feels like it was made over 10 years ago, probably because it was. It’s awkward and annoying – and, unfortunately, totally necessary.


Sigh. I guess it’s just an evil I have to accept until one of you badass founders creates something good enough to knock them off their blue and white platform.


That’s why I was pumped when I heard about a new app that makes connecting with LinkedIn contacts so much easier. Caliber hooks up with your LinkedIn account to help you not only locate the people you should be talking to but also message them, even if you’re not connected already.


(Take that, LinkedIn paywall!)


The app also has powerful search functions that let you figure out who you want to talk to based on specific skills, jobs, location, and more. The profiles provide all of the pertinent information you need – location, work history, social identity, common connections, and skills – but not all the crap and clutter that you find on LinkedIn these days. They’ll also be adding other platforms as they grow, but, they are starting with LinkedIn.


Probably the most unique feature of Caliber is their contact request feature. When someone reaches out to you that you don’t know, their request goes into a mailbox. You only get notified once a week about who’s waiting to hear from you, which means that influencers don’t get hassled 24/7 with notifications. After two weeks, the requests disappear.


This is great from the requester’s perspective, too, because you know that if you don’t hear back after two weeks, it’s time to move on to the next.



LinkedIn is the worrrrrrst. Get in touch with business contacts faster – and better – with @becaliber


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