A Living, Breathing Model of the Commercial & Financial World

New financial markets are emerging around the world, just waiting for businesses and governments to capitalize on.

But knowing how to tactfully operate within them is another story altogether.  The information made publicly available for these emerging & frontier markets is often disorganized, overly basic, and presented in a foreign language that is unfamiliar to the reader.  As a result, the knowledge that creates positive financial results is kept from outsiders, and limited to locals.

Even if you are able to obtain access to top-shelf info, from a professional or otherwise, it’s rarely a pain-free process.  Obtaining and compiling data takes forever, is very expensive, and quite often counterproductive – which can quickly turn a bad investment into a devastating one.

Plus, most of it has never been compiled in one place before.  A shrewd investor might have success in one or two markets, but taking a “macro” point of view is extremely difficult and time-crushing when utilizing current solutions.

Why subject yourself to the runaround, only to still be left with unanswered questions?  Introducing Sayari: your new single home for emerging & frontier market data.

The Sayari platform transforms existing scattered foreign metrics into clean analysis used to identify bad actors and sidestep risk, with unprecedented accuracy.  It provides highly comprehensive data within emerging, frontier, and offshore financial center markets without the need to visit multiple sources – delivering significant time and money savings to users.

More search company than data vendor, Sayari was built by analysts & investigators, for analysts & investigators.  The platform makes it easy for both corporate professionals and government officials – across a variety of financial crime prevention & risk management roles – to get the job done when the stakes are high, time is limited, and accuracy is critical.

The software’s minimalist aesthetic nature only adds to the company’s end goal of getting users the intelligence they need, when they need it, in a user-friendly manner.  The core product, Sayari Search, is designed for any OSINT analyst, AML compliance professional, or financial crime investigator seeking information from difficult countries.  Have a look at just a few more of the platform’s features & benefits:

  • Covers corporate registries, civil litigation registries, customs & import/export data, land & real property ownership, and more
  • Users are not charged per search or download
  • Offer a secondary product, Sayari Intel, which curates risk insights focused on OFAC sanctions and terror financing
  • Both products can be accessed via a cloud-based UI, data feed, or API

COO Benjamin Power founded Sayari on the heels of his experiences in the compliance and financial crime space, and has done an excellent job of bootstrapping operations to date.  In fact, Sayari’s small core team just helped it reach a milestone of providing 500,000,000 corporate and official public records.

The platform also boasts over 208 unique document registries across 113 hard-target countries, and is adding an additional 8+ sources per week.  Going forward, Power hopes to oversee continued growth in these areas while opening up additional revenue opportunities for the company.

For more information on Sayari or to start a free trial for yourself, just visit them online at https://sayari.com/.

Photos: Sayari