A Little Lie Will Win Hearts – And That’s The Truth

I’ve published two books. I make the perfect omelette. I love mornings. Two of these statements are true, and one is a lie. Can you guess which is which?


It’s a fast, fun and addictive game to play, isn’t it? More, please!


Play the game to your heart’s content with the app 2Truths and a Lie. Literally – it’s a dating app that uses the guessing game as an icebreaker.



fingers crossed landing



Here’s how it works: play the game as a way of checking out profiles. Like the people that interest you (anonymously). If they like you back, then you have a green light to send them a message. And you have a few talking points from the game as a way to begin conversation.


It’s “a better way to meet. Fingers crossed.”


Why is this formula a better introduction than other dating apps? For starters, you have the fun of playing the game if nothing else. Taking the time to fill out your own profile and browse profiles and the frustration of trying to find a match… it’s such a tedious process that it’s difficult to even finish a sentence describing the dullness.


2Truths and a Lie is short and sweet. It rewards instantly with its fun guessing game, while also giving romantic hopefuls a chance to meet new people and find a match. When two people do express mutual interest, they enjoy the benefit of having had their conversation kick-started.



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No matter how fancy and precise a matchmaking algorithm may be, learning the identity of your soulmate is useless information if can’t push beyond the initial awkwardness of saying hello to a stranger. Unlike other dating apps, 2Truths and a Lie gives potential couples a lighthearted and useful nudge into talking.


For the record, I am not a morning person. At all. I should also mention that I have only initiated the guessing game out of professional duty. Sorry, but I’m happily off the market. The reason I share all of this is to say that if I were single, 2Truths and a Lie is a dating app that I would use.


I distrust perfection, and I have misgivings about looking at profiles for a partner as if selecting the right wallpaper pattern for the office. I believe in randomness and unpredictable chemistry and self-determination. So, the relatively hands-off, playful approach of 2Truths and a Lie appeals to me much more than having matches measured out like prescriptions.


I’m rather shy. If not for a stint tending bar in NYC – lots of practice saying hello to strangers – I might not have managed to start the conversation that led me to living in Argentina, marriage, and a son….


You never know what will happen once the ball starts rolling. I say forget the matches and choose the conversation. Meeting is supposed to be fun, after all, and not a science project. Sign up to play the icebreaking game, currently in beta, at 2truthsapp.com. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.


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